Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Where I'm going; Where I've been

Tango, the silly puppy, ate another pair of knitting needles. The nice ones (of course). Off to the LYS today and bought two pairs of Addi circulars. I figure the metal will be less attractive to him.

So far, I've made:
3 scarfs, all garter stitch, but each very different because of the yarns used.
1 kerchief from SnB that fits my daughter well.
2 hats from Yarn Girl's Guide

The hats were fun. One was made from a very soft red fluffy yarn that I picked up at the LYS. The other was for my DD, so it had to be pink. It was made from a beautiful wool, but I paired the wool with fun fur. It made a very fun hat--that is also practical and warm.

I made lots of mistakes on that second hat. I would purl a row I should have knitted and vice versa--but the fun fur covers the mistakes.

December makes me think of setting goals.

I want to knit shells and sweaters for me. I wear knits every day, so knitting a shell makes sense.

I want to learn illusion knitting. It looks fun and do-able.

I want to knit some fingerless gloves for cold nights.

That's about it. Seems like reasonable goals.


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