Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Confessions of a Yarn Snob

Last night, on my way home from dog class, I stopped by the local craft store for a yarn fix. My v-e-r-y long scarf was almost finished. I'd just read the section in stich 'n' bitch about how to increase and wanted to try my hand at the cute little headscarf. My DD has a large head--headbands never fit. Thought a mom-knitted headscarf in hot pink would be just the ticket for yoga class.

This is only my fourth time shopping for yarn. The first time--at the cute little specialty store near my office. The second time--at the strange little store my mom hates because all the yarn is too expensive. The third time--at the amazingly large Velona's. All these stores have lovely yarns. I suspect I'm a bit spoiled.

All I want is a nice, simple yarn in a quality fiber to experiment with. My choice at the craft store? Acrylic junk or some nice novelty yarns. I'll agree that they did have some nice novelty yarns, but I wanted something simpler. Just as I was feeling disgusted at the poor selection, a fellow shopper stopped by to inform me that Michael's had this same yarn cheaper--but that this store had a much nicer selection of good yarns.

Gulp. It was at that moment I realized I'm a yarn snob. I guess I'll have to live with it.


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